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Easy Ways to Put Books In the Hands of Kids at the Holidays

December 10, 2011
Easy Ways to Put Books In the Hands of Kids at the Holidays
The holidays are the perfect time to curl up with a book, give a book, and read a book with someone.  It is also a great time to share a book with a child who needs one.  Here are some simple ways to give the gift of reading.Clean off your shelves.  This is a great time of year to donate books, and a great time to clean out books your children have outgrown.  Many people simply take their used books to Goodwill or the public library, which often resell books to raise money for programs and operations—a worthy goal, to be sure.  However, it is also easy to get your books into the hands of children who have few if any books of their own.
Have your children help you choose books they are ready to donate.  This is a great way to get your kids involved in helping others and an opportunity to talk about books others would enjoy.  If you live in Wake County, NC, please consider donating your used books to local school kids (contact us at for more information.  If you live elsewhere, here are some ideas for places to donate your books:

  • If your children or grandchildren attend a school that has students in need, ask the principal or your child’s teacher if you can bring some books in to go home with children who might benefit from them.  Make sure to mark out any names already inside the books.  Keep in mind that board books may not be appropriate for kindergarteners, but don’t forget that Word Books may be a great match for students learning English as a second language.
  • If your school is not a good fit, contact another school in your town.
  • Consider donating your books to a shelter for women and children fleeing domestic violence—many people in that situation are unlikely to have brought books with them.
  • Contact the Boys and Girls Club of America ( or RIF ( chapter that serves your area

Add a Book When you Buy a Book.  Many of us have books on our holiday shopping lists.  When you are buying a book for someone on your list, add a child’s book to your purchase and donate it.  It’s an easy way to do something big.

Add a Book to Angel Tree Gifts.  If you are participating in an Angel Tree-type holiday event, make sure to add a book to your gift.  A book is a present that can be opened again and again.

Make Sure You Give a Book To Every Child on Your List.  Even if the children on your list are not ones “in need,” giving a book at every holiday establishes an important tradition and emphasizes how important reading is in your family.
Here are some other ways to make books a part of your holidays:

  • Make a book tradition–read a special story or poem together as a family
  • Have family reading time (one book together or everyone with their own book) during the holidays
  • Talk about books, stories, and poems you’ve loved over the years
  • Write and illustrate a book together

If you need suggestions for great books, check back here.  Holiday lists are coming soon…..

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