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What We Do And Why We Do It

April 3, 2012
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More than 65% of low-income households have no age appropriate books. In some low-income areas of the US, there is 1 book per 300 children. As hard as it is for many book-stocked people to believe, there are many children in this country who have no books of their own.

Many studies have shown that children who read better do better in school, stay in school longer, and are more likely to graduate from high school. Children who live in homes with more books do better in school. Children who have books over the summer are not as susceptible to the summer slide. Reading opens opportunities and opens worlds for children to explore on their own. Reading provides an escape, a joyful adventure, a source of information about any topic. Reading matters, inside and outside school.

We are an organization devoted to making books available to children who need them. We were inspired to action by an article by David Brooks in the NY Times discussing the powerful impact of giving books to at-risk children before the summer break. Our goal is to give 12 books to children identified as struggling in school and in need. To do this, we gather donated books and distribute them, letting kids choose 6 books and their teachers choose the other 6. We also make board books available for students to take home to younger siblings. Our mission is to build home libraries and hopefully to inspire a lifelong love of reading.

We also help set up borrowing bookshelves at school, which is an honor system lending library open to all students in a school. These shelves make books available to all kids all the time and open the opportunity for a school-wide conversation about reading.

We believe that books can change lives. We believe that putting books in the hands of kids that need them is a powerful way to improve academic achievement and enrich lives. Becoming a book owner changes the way children see themselves, and being a reader is empowering.

Last year, we donated books to 120 students. This year, we are working with 3 schools and hope to give books to 300 students. But to do this, we need more books.

If you live in Wake County, NC and would be interested in donating books or are a member of a book club, church group, or civic organization that would be willing to have a book drive, please contact us at

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